French Camp Radio, Inc.

Ackerman/French Camp, MS

For the period beginning February 1, 2015 and ending January 21, 2016

Number of Full-Time Employees: Between 5 -10

Small Market Exemption: Yes

During the reporting period, WFCA hired one full time employee.

During the reporting period, WFCA conducted the following broad outreach initiatives in accordance with various elements of FCC Rule 73.2080(c)(6):

The licensee of WFCA, a non-profit station, operates French Camp Academy, an interdominational academy based in French Camp, Mississippi. Since WFCA first went on the air in 1984, the licensee has trained hundreds of French Camp Academy students. While some students have been trained only in production and on-air activities, others have been trained in sales, music and receptionist work. Students can begin their training starting in the 9th grade. Several students have continued to work at the station on a part-time basis after their graduation from the Academy. Some students
have chosen to continue their education at a University and then applied for a position at WFCA.

Scholarship program WFCA has an in-house scholarship program which is offered to our graduating seniors who have trained and worked at WFCA. These Students must complete certain criteria to be eligible to receive these scholarships. One senior who graduated during the reporting period received a scholarship.

Internship/ Training Program WFCA trains its students who desire to learn various aspects of broadcasting. During the reporting period, six students were in WFCA’s training program. Each student was trained in the area of production and in on-air announcing.

Mentoring Program The Sports Director/ Student Trainer of WFCA is a mentor to our trainees. That person provides the trainees with instruction, training and encouragement. Six students have been in the mentoring program since February 1, 2015.

WFCA management personnel have attended seminars at industry conferences to obtain training on EEO and dis-crimination prevention during the reporting period. WFCA Sales Manager attended a conference in June, 2015 with the Mississippi Municipal League on hiring practices and discrimination. The Mississippi Association of Broad-Casters, of which WFCA is a member, offers information on EEO recruitment and preventing discrimination. Also WFCA Office Manager with other WFCA personnel attended a conference in Feb., 2015 National Religious Broadcasters of which WFCA is a member. The same topics of EEO
Recruitment, topics ranging from training, hiring and preventing discrimination was attended.