The Martins

Siblings, Joyce, Jonathan and Judy, collectively known as The Martins, have enjoyed countless radio hits and performances at concert halls, arenas, auditoriums and churches worldwide. During the 1990s, The Martins rose to national and international success, showcasing their stunning and distinctive harmonies before a vast array of audiences, from legendary singer/songwriter Bill Gaither’s multi-award winning Homecoming Video and Concert Series to the White House to Carnegie Hall. Over the years the Trio garnered eight Dove Awards from the Gospel Music …Read More

The Willis Clan

The Willis Clan is a family of amazing musicians, dancers, athletes, writers, and artists.  Living near Nashville Tennessee, they merge their Irish roots with other music and dance genres to create a unique blend of the old and new. God has blessed us greatly and we enjoy a rich and rewarding life. It is also a lot of hard work. With twelve children, just keeping their names straight can be a challenge. All twelve children’s names start with the letter …Read More

NFL Hires First Female Reff

For the first time in the National Football League’s 95-year history, a woman will don the black and white striped uniform as a full-time game official. Sarah Thomas said she was “speechless” when Dean Biandino, the NFL Vice-President of Officiating, hired her last week. Although honored to be considered a trail blazer for women, she just wants to blend in with the other six referees on field and never make a mistake. Plucked as a top candidate from the NFL’s advanced development program for officials, …Read More

Alaska Homecoming Cruise

Dear Friends, We are so thrilled to invite you on the next Alaskan Homecoming Cruise. What a privilege it is to spend an entire week in one of the most beautiful places on earth while offering our fellow-passengers the chance to recharge your mind, body and spirit. Daily and nightly Homecoming concerts during the week offer us a chance to interact with you on a much deeper level than one-night concerts allow. We love that! There are so many unforgettable …Read More

“Soul Surfer” To have baby

Christian surfer Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks announced on Monday that they are expecting their first child. The two decided to go surfing to make the announcement, with a video posted on Facebook. In it, the couple paddles out to catch a wave and Dirks lovingly holds his arm around Hamilton’s waist. Then the two address the camera and say, “So we have a little surprise for you … Baby on board!” They then finish surfing and Hamilton states …Read More

Russell Wilson on His Faith

Russell Wilson has been speaking about his faith in interviews and on social media throughout the NFL season, so it is no surprise that the Super Bowl XLIX bound quarterback spoke about his Christianity being a part of his legacy during the recent Super Bowl media day on Tuesday. Wilson, the 26-year-old Christian quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, responded to reporters’ questions about everything football related. However, the Christian athlete also took time to answer questions about his faith. While …Read More

Does God Care Who Won the Super Bowl?

As the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are geared up to battle for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday in Arizona, megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen was asked whether God cares who wins the NFL championship. “Well you know, I think God cares about us being our best, and obviously somebody’s gonna lose, somebody’s gonna win, so I don’t know,” Osteen, co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, said when USA Today asked whether God cares who wins the game. “I …Read More